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Jana Ford

Jana Ford

Cleveland Heights, OH


As a young child the artist, Jana L. Ford, loved to draw clowns and doodle in class because she attended a public school but was so intellectually gifted she was not academically challenged by the school's curriculum. An art teacher at her school noticed some of her doodled art work and entered one of them into a competition for a full scholarship to the Local Art School. However, Jana's parents saw little use for a career in art and so they turned down the Art School scholarship. Disappointed with the outcome, but abiding by her parents wishes, Jana went on to focus on her academics and thus began her adult life like most by attending college and then entering the corporate world of business where she spent more than 20 years of her career working in Customer Service Call Centers in Middle Management. After losing both her parents tragically, first her mother to cancer, and then later her father due to a tragic freak accident, she decided that life was too short to live with regrets so she turned back to her first love of art.

Jana's has since launched her amateur career as an artist. Her primary focus is abstract art using acrylic paint as her medium along with various objects including glass, mirrors, plastics, trash items, fabric, fabric paints, and whatever interesting objects she can find and by merging different shapes and sizes of canvases to create 3D effects and textures. Many of her pieces also use variations of animal prints in traditional colors well as color variations to match her or her fans home or office decor.

Jana is now an Independent Management Consultant and spends the majority of her free time painting, traveling and spending quality-time with her family and three grandchildren.


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